Accordion Heading....... is fixed in place with stitching and hung with metal pinhooks at the back creating a similar look to eyelet curtains. The pleats can be filled with wadding if required.

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If you are looking to dress your home with beautiful and bespoke made curtains, and would like  a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from - you've come to the right place!

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Our curtain makers work from South Ascot in Berkshire and we have a large retail outlet for you to come and browse our extensive range of high quality curtains and soft furnishings.


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Accordion Heading

Pinch Pleat Heading

Wave Heading

Eyelet Heading

Pencil Pleat Heading

Tabtop Heading

Tie Top Heading

Double Layering


Double Dressing


Pinch Pleat Headings.....provide timeless elegance and sophistication, this can be achieved with Single, Double or Triple pleats.

Wave Heading.....is a contemporary heading creating a continuous concertina wave effect at all times.

Eyelet Heading.....gives a very clean & contemporary look.

Pencil Pleat Heading...... is one of the most versatile heading styles as they are suitable for most windows.

Tabtop Heading.....is a style which creates informal relaxed folds of fabric which then loops over the pole, works well with matching or contrasting fabric across the header.

Tie Top Heading......creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere with their uniquely simplistic style.

Double Layering........ this look can be achieved by using a double pole with any curtain heading on the main front pole and a sheer curtain on the rear pole. A contemporary alternative to net curtains.

Double Dressing.......this look can be achieved by hanging curtains on a pole and setting a blind either inside or outside the recess.



curtain headings double pinch pleat curtains double pinch pleat 2 wave heading 1 eyelet 3 pencil pleat heading 2 ruched on pole heading tab top curtain 2 Tie Top curtains 2 Double layering pinch pleat 10


Ruched onto a

  • Pole

Ruched onto a pole


Here are some options for Curtain headings and treatment ideas..............